R&D Deepdive: 3D Drone Scanning

How do you walk through a house that doesn’t exist? With the aid of a handy drone, a hefty computer, and a little bit of patience, we’ll dive into how to 3D scan a neighborhood. Then we’ll see what it takes to put a 3D house in place and walk through it in virtual reality. […]

Introduction to R&D at Tourbuzz

Transcript from video: Hi, I’m Alan Melling, head of Research here at Tourbuzz, and I have good news, we’re starting an R&D blog! It’s my duty at Tourbuzz to climb the mast everyday and to peer out to find new ways to both capture and experience a house. I’m here to help Tourbuzz and our […]

CEO Corner: We Are Listening

Welcome to the first post of the new Tourbuzz blog! Our goal is to engage in a public discussion about all things Tourbuzz, real estate photography and listing marketing. We’ve got a lot of great content lined up for you, but today I’d like to address our customers directly and start a new conversation about […]