R&D Deepdive: The “Why” of VR

Ignore the hype — right now, virtual reality is lame. But pretty soon, it won’t be. Come join me for a moment where we’ll take a longer view at its potential, when it’s no longer a piece of cardboard you jam your phone into. Let’s widen our lens for a broader view of how it will become an indispensable way to capture the life of a home, and an essential part of your business. […]

CEO Corner: 10 Years of Supporting Local Entrepreneurial Passion

In the early days at Tourbuzz, we made a decision — instead of lots of employees or franchisees scattered around the globe, Tourbuzz will have lots of entrepreneurial customers. We will focus on infrastructure, and allow our customers to provide a service tailored to their local market while benefitting from our collective scale. Ten years of history has proven that this model will continue to deliver great results for agents, photographers, and Tourbuzz. […]

R&D Deepdive: 3D Drone Scanning

How do you walk through a house that doesn’t exist? With the aid of a handy drone, a hefty computer, and a little bit of patience, we’ll dive into how to 3D scan a neighborhood. Then we’ll see what it takes to put a 3D house in place and walk through it in virtual reality. […]

Introduction to R&D at Tourbuzz

Transcript from video: Hi, I’m Alan Melling, head of Research here at Tourbuzz, and I have good news, we’re starting an R&D blog! It’s my duty at Tourbuzz to climb the mast everyday and to peer out to find new ways to both capture and experience a house. I’m here to help Tourbuzz and our […]

CEO Corner: We Are Listening

Welcome to the first post of the new Tourbuzz blog! Our goal is to engage in a public discussion about all things Tourbuzz, real estate photography and listing marketing. We’ve got a lot of great content lined up for you, but today I’d like to address our customers directly and start a new conversation about […]