Introduction to R&D at Tourbuzz

Alan Melling
Alan Melling - August 24, 2017

Transcript from video:

Hi, I’m Alan Melling, head of Research here at Tourbuzz, and I have good news, we’re starting an R&D blog!

It’s my duty at Tourbuzz to climb the mast everyday and to peer out to find new ways to both capture and experience a house. I’m here to help Tourbuzz and our photographers navigate, not just temporary trends, but new techniques that will become essential to the field.

Although I’m a computer scientist and engineer, I spent years as a cameraman on feature films and commercials.  

Meaningful. Practical. Reliable. Those are the qualities I look for in my tools when I’m shooting. I look for workhorses, anything less just isn’t good enough.

So what does R&D at Tourbuzz look like? Well, we actually started as an R&D experiment! In 2006, the frontiers of real estate imaging technology were about HD photos & panos, followed by video and the explosion of mobile. Today, it’s much more complex. Last year alone, I read over 500 research papers, played with dozens of hardware and software solutions relating to real estate imagery. …. Typically this involves me annoying my coworkers while trying to 3D scan the office or spending all day in a VR headset.

Sometimes it feels like I play with a lot of toys, but this stuff is getting REAL. Especially with new developments in machine learning and AI, there’s such great potential. Right now, we’re building automated ways to understand your images, from their content to how they actually connect together to form a cohesive narrative.

And with virtual reality, we’re finally at a place where homebuyers can truly experience a moment of their own, a potential new life in a potential new home... We’re tracking how to navigate to make the best experience for home buyers and also to keep shooting fun and profitable.

We want you to see tourbuzz as a trusted partner in navigating this fast-changing landscape and helping your business to continue to thrive.

So get out there and keep shooting. And I’ll be keeping a lookout for the future.