What people say about Tourbuzz

I'd like to say THANK YOU for all that you guys do. I've been so fortunate with my business growing (many of my clients listings are under contract within days, sometimes a couple weeks..and rarely more than a month or two. I've had an agent receive, on 2 separate properties, contracts based solely on the photos..). While I know it's me taking the photos everyone sees, it's because of TOURBUZZ that everyone gets to see them. Your tours are never down, the tour platform is super easy to use, it's affordable, customizable and NEVER without fast and helpful support. A big thank you to you and Adam and the rest of the Tourbuzz family for making my job so much easier and helping my clients tours get the exposure they deserve! :-) — Annie Walters

I found out about TOURBUZZ at noon on Sunday, by 5 pm my entire business had advanced to the highest level! I am so excited about this! Amazing! — Bill Horne, Mongo Films, LLC

I wish I had gone with Tour Buzz from the beginning! Just sent my first tour over to my client we are both very impressed with the quality. I love being able to customize so many aspects of the tours from visual settings to the music. This gives me the ability to offer “signature” tours for some of my larger clients who want to stand apart. I switched because I wanted the custom domain name but am thrilled that you offer so much more. — Monica Donahue, Homes in Focus

I just want to say that you guys are doing a kickass job and that I have a thriving and lucrative business thanks to your wonderful product. My hope is that nothing keeps you from keeping on doing what you've been doing. Thanks. — Terry Wadkins, Photographer

Paul, I can't tell you how impressed I am with your service. I called you tonight at almost 9:00 p.m. thinking I would get some sort of recording and would have to wait until tomorrow to get my questions answered. I was quite surprised when you answered the phone. Thanks so much for helping me work through the problem! Btw, it worked great after that minor fix. Thanks again. — Dorinda Burks

I have been providing Virtual Tours in the Indianapois Area for almost 10 years. I have used almost all 'hosting platforms' available. All I can say is- your product is the absolute best!! I just regret not using you before now. It seems your platform is designed just for me. haha. The photos are crisp and clean, the designs are many, processing is so EZ and takes less time than my previous Tour Host. But the best part is the Announcement that is sent out when the tour is finished. What a time saver. And the Client Panel thats enclosed in the email is AWESOME-no more emailing still photos!

Here is a quote from one of my Agents:

"OMG! What a great job! I think it all looks just fabulous! Thank you ThankyouThankyou".

— Bill, Photographer

As a veteran virtual tour provider, I have found that Tourbuzz's technology and automation tools freed up a tremendous amount of my time, allowing me to work on my business. I've been able to spend more time networking with potential clients, work on hiring new sales reps and photographers and develop new revenue streams. Their loyalty, focus and understanding of the industry's needs have been big reasons why I utilize Tourbuzz's services. — Michael, Photographer

Hi Paul, Alan, just wanted to drop you a quick note to say YOU GUYS ROCK! You really got it going on, really appreciate everything, LOVE the stats page, love it all! My client called about an hour ago 'just to way WOW!' Gotta love that! Tour Buzz puts other visual tour services to shame from what I've seen up to now. Thanks for your help, I plan to be a 'frequent flyer'. — Carol, Photographer

Thank you so much!!! I truly value the promptness of your responses when I have questions! Rarely found nowadays! Also appreciate the phone call, albeit it was already 10pm on my end and I didn't answer :-) So happy to have signed up for Tourbuzz!!! — Trish, Photographer

Gotta say, I'm very happy with your product! — Cameron, Photographer

I have to say, this is F!@#ing AWESOME! — Mark, Photographer

To Tourbuzz:

Thanks for all your help in giving Virtual Tour Photographers the tools they need to be successful. — George, Photographer

WOW!!!! Fabulous! This is the best I have ever seen for tours and photos. I will never use anyone else!! :) Can't wait to post this! — Beth, Realtor

We love TOURBUZZ and the guys Alan and Paul as well. The people make a company and these are wonderful people. — Photographer

Sweet! I love the Ken Burns pan and scan! — Photographer

My clients are blown away! — Photographer

I have demoed most services and yours is the best by far. — Photographer

I am really impressed with your 360 tours! I can't believe it! For $12 a tour anyone would be crazy to do their own. Also, I can't find any competition to speak of. — Photographer

My client called me at 9PM to say how impressed he was with the tour. He went and showed his entire office the next day. — Photographer

I have been practicing with your tour programs, you certainly have a good product. — Photographer

I have been dealing with RTV and several other software companies for several months now, and I can honestly say that you guys are a pleasure to deal with. — Photographer

Your tours have allowed us to restart our business, and get us in where we could not get in before. Thank you!! — Photographer

Looking forward to making more tours with you guys… as a photographer, I look forward to making some nice website without all the web grunt work. Shooting houses is hard enough ;)
Thanks again! — Robert D. Gentry

Tour looks great and my business is so much easier and growing because this is the best tour. — Photographer