First of all, Thank you for choosing our cabin as your home away from home on your vacation.

I've recently completed building this dream home on the Sunshine Coast, I figured why not share the luxury with everyone else? The artist is reflected in this creation, moreover the overall aura and design is something that has been admired by past renters. Some say that it’s like being in a luxury shanty hut in the forest.

Entertaining was my main reason for creating this open living space. Food, wine and celebration are appreciated, surrounded by the warmth of our home. This is truly a special setting, especially when you are surrounded by the beautiful nature of Tuwanek. The home itself is very unique because of how it can blend in with its surroundings; yet at the same time still provide the cozy atmosphere of a classic cabin. One of the key features is the cedar log beams that have been exposed around the house. From the exterior, the west coast cedar logs decorate the front gables, along with 3 large pillars bringing out a very classy cabin look. Running through the interior of the house is two large parallel beams going through the middle of the family room and the dining room. These are one the few features of the home that makes it truly unique, which will make your stay that much more pleasant.

Every season has something to offer here on the Sunshine Coast. If you are feeling active, there are endless outdoor activities such as, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, scuba diving and MANY more. You can also just get cozy by the fire or read a book on the beach. The beach is definitely a special beach. Unlike many other popular beaches around the sunshine coast my beach is located only a few footsteps away from the cabin. The nice thing about this is that not only is it very private, but also very soothing and relaxing because of the inlet it has taken shape in. You won’t have to worry about random tourists walking around you, or boats racing disturbing the peaceful water. It’ll be just you in your lonesome enjoying Tuwaneks natural beauty. When summer rolls around and the tide exposes the sand bar, I was blown away by the golden sand at low tide along with the crystal clear water. During the winter the tide is higher during the day, optimizing the west coast terrain. Something that you will also notice is the surplus of natural activity around the house. Take a look outside and you will notice a family of ducks swimming through the bay, or a couple herons hanging out on the beach, or even the great eagles that roam around the bay going from tree to tree. Moreover there have been numerous sightings of groups of dolphins making their way through the inlet at certain times of the years, something that not very many people get to see. Seeing all this natural activity will make you appreciate the beauty of the west coast, a coast line like no other in the world.

My friends from the city are sometimes concerned about being isolated, but the quaint town of Sechelt is a 15 minute drive away. I know it’s a drag to drive out that far but realistically you are coming this far to get away from all that. If you do have an urge to visit the town there’s plenty of selection especially for a small town. For a coffee fix, Starbucks is just down the street, as is Straight Coffee, which sells organic fair trade coffee and delightful pastries and sandwiches. While you’re at it, you can grab a gourmet pizza from Pepper Creek pizza, one of my personal favorites. Sechelt also has two sushi restaurants, as well as Thai, Vietnamese and Indian cuisine. For evening entertainment there is the Oceanside Lighthouse Pub and a movie theatre.

There is something for everyone here on the Sunshine Coast. I hope you enjoy your stay. Have a great stay and hope to see you in the near future.

Phil & Devi Maharaj