Since 1881, the J. H. Thomas Family has owned Drytown properties. In 1910, Mr. Thomas and his sons and daughters formed the Thomas Estate Company, which has owned and managed the property continuously since the inception of the Corporation. The land has mostly been leased to cattle ranching although some mining occurred in the early 1900's. The history of this property has included the famous "Little Illinois Mine", mined and operated in the 1860's and again in 1908-1914. The shaft was 147 feet deep late in 1914 when last visited, and only 150 feet of drifting had been done, 100 feet of it in a shallow tunnel. It was closed down soon after, and has been idle since. The workings are reported to have shown a vein with an average width of 5 feet between slate footwall and greenstone hanging wall. Inclusive of all the mineral rights, readily accessible to main roads, trails for hiking and pastures and surrounding territorial views - these impressive parcels are calling out to all opportunity seekers! Ideally located near shopping, wine country, and skiing to name a few- the possibilities are endless to any builder, rancher, wine connoisseur, or mining interest. Offering a one of a kind opportunity with seller financing, buyers are encouraged to purchase a bit of California's historic gold country!