Turn Beautiful Photos Into A Beautiful Business

Real estate photography is a volume business with high customer service expectations. Maximizing profits means minimizing the time required to manage every job while delivering a stellar customer experience. Our end-to-end platform is what you need to get the job done right and fast.

Order Automation

Start every job on the right foot.

Our integrated order forms eliminate data entry for you and offer streamlined order entry for your customers. Flexible forms allow you to customize packages, offer a la carte upgrades, create custom fields, and even support multiple pricing structures.

Simplify my ordering process
  • Hosted order form requires no install or complicated configuration
  • Capture credit cards at order entry time to ensure seamless collections
  • Auto-assign jobs to preferred photographer
  • Allow new customers to create new profile including photo & logo
  • Simplified order form for repeat customers

Shoot Logistics

Turn your calendar into a secret weapon.

Quickly process all unscheduled jobs using our specialized scheduling page, and you’ll keep your incoming orders organized like a pro.

Maximize my calendar
  • See customer notes and job notes at a glance
  • Assign jobs to a photographer in seconds
  • Email notifications to photographers and customers of confirmed shoots
  • Automatically syncs to desktop and mobile calendars for you and your team
  • Scheduled shoots feed automatically into Photographer payouts

Digital Delivery

Deliver images, like a boss.

We’ve taken the tedium out of delivering your final imagery to customers. Our smart delivery system creates every size your customers will ever need, and keeps them available in our self-service customer portal.

Improve my delivery process
  • Lightroom export plugin
  • Pixel-perfect resizing for MLS eliminates headaches from wonky MLS systems
  • Configurable access to print-quality imagery
  • Finely tuned resizing engine preseves detail, sharpness and color
  • Automatic syndication of tour links to Realtor.com
  • Automatic delivery of tour links and images to the MLS (in select markets)
  • Generate video slideshows to YouTube
  • Customizable email templates

Payment Collection

Focus on generating leads, not collecting payments.

We’ve perfected the art of getting paid with our intuitive payment collection solution. For customers that pay per job, you can charge stored cards during delivery or require payment to release images. For customers that need batch billing, we dutifully track every shoot to ensure you never miss a shoot when creating periodic invoices.

Improve my cash flow
  • Drastically reduce time & effort to get paid
  • Practically eliminate uncollectable bills
  • 95% of jobs are paid in full within 3 days
  • Works for both pay-by-check and pay-by-credit-card customers
  • Integrated with image delivery for great customer experience
  • Securely store credit cards

Photographer Management

You scale your team, we scale your operations.

Whether you allow your photographers to operate quasi-independently or centrally manage their work, our photographer management solution will streamline your operations. Our solution also tracks their work, making it easy to keep an eye on your business and pay them out in a timely fashion.

Support my team
  • Configurable photographer permissions
  • Easily manage photographer assignments and schedules
  • Communicate with photographers about job details
  • Easily track & audit work performed and amounts owed
  • Simplify photographer payouts

Virtual Tours

If you can shoot it, we can make it look amazing. Whether your customers want beautiful slideshows or a single property web experience, Tourbuzz presents your imagery in the best way possible.
Experience the tour

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Our commitment to helping you achieve professional independence and realize the full potential of your business is the deepest in the market.

Over the last 10 years, we have worked with 1000’s of photographers as they've grown their real estate photography empires. We will stop at nothing to help you with everything -- from simple everyday issues to training you on best practices, and even working with you to make your long‑term business goals a reality.

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