Blazing a Path into the Future of Real Estate

New technologies amplify the power of creators. Two decades after the introduction of the web and digital cameras, we find ourselves at the dawn of a new revolution: smart cameras, drones, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, and photorealistic 3D modeling will spawn new ways of capturing, understanding, and experiencing a home. We’re here to plot the course.

Drones for 3D Scanning

Drones can now shoot more than just images and video. They just got 3D glasses.

Combining automated flight-planning apps with 3D reconstruction software, it’s now possible to capture an entire neighborhood in 3D. See how we helped a homeowner experience his yet-to-be-built home through the magic of these converging technologies.

Computers, seeing like Humans

Understanding what means the most to home buyers

Trained on thousands of eye-tracking experiments, algorithms can understand how human visual and emotional systems engage with photography. These human-centered systems can automate the capture of the great imagery and the curation of the overall tour experience. These smart photography assistants can even learn your style, helping you to produce great work faster and cheaper, while preserving your own unique look.

The Robots Are Here To Help

Automating Tedious Tasks: AI has the ability to automatically and accurately label images

Every location in and around the house has distinct visual and physical characteristics that make it unique. Armed with an archive of millions of real estate images, we’ve shown that it is possible to teach machines to accurately identify scenes to improve the capture workflow for photographers and provide a next level experience to home buyers.

Example Qualifiers:
  • Chairs
  • Table Height
  • No TV
  • Near Kitchen